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Trends from the ’80s That are Making a Comeback

We’re always fascinated by fashion trends. But while there will always be a market for baggy pants and times when neon will be all the rage, plenty of fashion trends revert to things of the past. Perhaps the 80s were particularly bad when it came to fashion, but we can’t deny the fact that many of the trends from that era have made their way into our wardrobes once again.

Trends from the ’80s That are Making a Comeback

It seems the ‘80s have been back for a while now. This decade was big on bringing back the ’80s vibe in most things, including the scrunchie and mullet. So, naturally, it makes sense that trends from the ‘80s are now making a comeback. From lace and neon hair to neon accessories, the ‘80s trends seem to be the perfect way to get that retro style.

Here are more 80’s trends that have made their way back.

Cut off sweatshirts

The 1980s never die; they just get refashioned. The cut-off sweatshirt is a trend from the 1980s that is making a comeback. Unlike the originals, which were tight, this style is looser and hangs higher on the hips and shoulders. Cut-off sweatshirts made their first appearance in the ’80s and were an instant hit.

Side ponytails

Side ponytails, also known as side-swept bangs, have made a bit of a comeback. This hairstyle, which was popular in the ’80s, is wonderful for shorter bobs, and you can even go longer with your sides. Side ponytails were everywhere in the 1980s. This style showed the world that long hair could be stylish without looking too fussy or complicated. It was the wild child of the decade until the early 90s when it was tamed with a slicked-back look.


What better way to end the summer than with a post about mullets? Yes, you read that right-mullets. Forget the cheesy animal-print bucket hats, rainbow-emerald scrunchies, and neon jumpsuits. The mullet is making a comeback, and it’s been around in different forms, styles, and hues for decades. Instead of opting for one long, flowing hair part down the middle, mullets are shorter on the top and longer on the sides. Think “The Hills” Lauren Conrad with shorter hair and long bangs.

Neon color

Neon, or neon-like colors, are those which emit light after being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. These colors are created by adding chemicals or gases to glass tubes and forming a chemical reaction. The glow of neon is becoming popular for clothing, accessories, and even cars. Since the end of the ’80s, these colors have faded from the public eye, but a new wave of neon offers a throwback that hasn’t been seen for many years.

High waisted jeans

If you lived through the ’80s, you probably remember waist-high jeans. These were the fashionable flowing pants that arose from the disco era. Some were ankle length, but the majority ended at mid-shin. In recent years, high-waisted jeans have been making a comeback. This might seem odd to some since these pants from the ’80s didn’t follow any popular trends back then. They simply were a new style that emerged. Now that ’80s fashion is back, some are having a difficult time letting go of the ’80s fashion of yesterday. Even if you didn’t live through the 80s, your parents might have, and they would really appreciate fashion like this. So if you’re looking for a 60th gifts mum or dad, then consider getting them a pair of these jeans. It would probably make them nostalgic, and you could even recreate photos of them from the 80s!

Lacey shirts

During the 80s, the bikini was all the rage. However, for some, the skimpy swimsuit was too much. A conservative alternative emerged in the form of the lacy shirt. The tight-fitting long sleeves were paired with short skirts or high-waisted pants. The shirt helped to hide any insecurity on the body and gave a sensual vibe. Now, the lacy shirt is coming back as a fashion staple.

Once, it was fashionable to go against trends, but everything is a trend today, and there is no doubt that the “80s trend” is still having a significant impact on younger generations.

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