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5 Fashion Styles That Bring a Smile

In terms of which fashion styles bring a smile, they would have to be the ones with the brightest colours. The kinds of colours that we could wear in summer and less likely to wear at other times of the year. Style is not just about colour, however, it is about patterns, the length of outfits and how they flow, and how well they fit for us and others.

The fashion industry is booming and so is clothes manufacturing as well. Now, brands manufacture outfits in various sizes and colours depending on what is in demand. It is a huge change from the past few decades when the fashion industry was known for creating one size fits all fashion. So, currently plus size fashion is also valued and accepted by the community. Moreover, efficient die cutting services have made it easier for fashion companies to improve their business by manufacturing clothes in bulk.

Hence, we could say there is a lot to be happy about when it comes to fashion. This article will consider just why it is that outfits can make us smile.

Bright Colors For The Season

There is nothing better to cheer us up than a bright colour such as yellow. This is because we automatically associate the colour with the sun and the warmth of summer. We can also liken the colour to a buttercup growing in a meadow and imagine ourselves lying in the grass surrounded by flowers and enjoying a picnic. Bright or flowery dresses can be worn for almost all occasions like a brunch engagement, a girls’ day out or trip, and even on one of the many bachelorette party ideas that you may be planning for you and your gal pals.

Bold Patterns For Bold Feelings

Patterns can bring a smile depending on what the patterns are. Just swirly designs might be pleasingly artistic but not represent specifically what is dear to our heart. For example, pictures of cats or dogs might remind us of a family pet that always appears to smile for us and is so photogenic at only a moment’s notice.

The beauty of patterns is that they can be male or female designs, although there is no reason why the same pattern cannot be associated with both. We should get away from that image that one gender likes one thing and the other something quite different.

Fashion Reveals Identity

There are various reasons why outfits might be worn by a female at different lengths. They relate to warmth, the formality of the occasion, modesty, the desire to show off beauty perhaps to attract another, and the feeling of freedom of movement. The 1960s was a time when women were starting to liberate themselves from conformity after they had been more reserved and careful in their approach to life throughout the 1950s. It was Mary Quant who was credited with inventing the mini-skirt during the 1960s. However, the introduction of the “above knee” skirts could be seen as a gradual process. Photographs existing from the time indicate that it took until 1996 before skirts would become very short. The kind associated with nightclub attire today, when wearing a short coat will completely cover all evidence of the existence of a skirt. There is a daring element to wearing a mini-skirt that requires confidence. With confidence comes a smile that is indicative of someone feeling empowered by the effect that they might be having on others that admire them or follow suit.

Longer dresses and ballgowns are more restricting as far as moving around but are still worn for formal occasions, while the man adopts a black-tie approach to accompany his lady companion. It is the conversation or the music at the event that is more likely to make you smile.

Men will wear shorts in summer. Unless, of course, you are a postal worker who will tend to show bravery throughout the year when delivering our mail to the door. That can make you smile when you know how cold it is outside from venturing outside earlier in just your dressing gown.

Flowing Skirts and Dresses

Flowing skirts and dresses can be pleasing to see in terms of them appearing freer to wear and from a comfort point of view less restricting to wear. Feeling the air swishing around underneath can be a pleasant feeling for a young lady. Provided that it is the warm air associated with summer, of course. It creates a stylish look to have a skirt floating around and moving as you walk, which is why so many love wearing sundresses (like those seen at during this time of year. It can display a care-free way image and way of thinking for those who are into the Bohemian look or lifestyle.

It is clear to see that women wearing flowing skirts look happy wearing them. They are a mark that summer is coming or has arrived.

Formal Suits and Attire

Formal suits are still worn in work situations, but now more often than not, if you are a man, without a tie to accompany them. Instead, a smart shirt with the top button open will normally suffice. This is the more casual look that has been adopted by the trendy businessman of today and in many respects fuelled by television presenters adopting the image. However, male newsreaders will still wear a tie while reading the news, which is more often than not of a serious nature.

An interview is a serious situation, so consider how formal you need to be, but either way, do not forget to smile. Remember that it is okay for ladies of all ages to wear a business suit just like a man. A suit and skirt combination can quite impress. It is better than arriving in a blouse that looks so flowery that it would look better planted in the garden or a jumper that you have only put on from the back of the wardrobe because it is clean.

Snooker, as a sport, has kept its formality, with its players wearing waistcoats still. Albeit, with logo brands visible. Trick shots always bring a smile to what is otherwise a serious game.

By tradition, Wimbledon still insists that players wear predominantly white when playing tennis matches there, whether it be on the world-famous Centre Court, their Number One Court which also now has a roof, or on an outside court. Watching tennis will bring a smile whatever its players are wearing because we watch it in our leisure time.

In summary, lots of elements of clothing will bring a smile, for those who choose their clothes with purpose and for those who admire them for it. We have a choice, we can either be a trendsetter or a follower of fashion. Trendsetter implies that we are getting something out of it. By considering the above, we can decide which fashion styles are for us.

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