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Dressing for Your Body Type

The human body comes in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to dress accordingly. Learn which body type you have and the clothes that will make you look and feel your best. Women have specific needs when it comes to dressing, and while one style or color may work for one woman, it may not look right on another. There are several body types women fall into, and knowing your type and learning how to dress for it will help you look your best every day.

Sometimes, that may also mean toning up the body to enhance its shape and bring out the best features. Many women want to make sure that the clothes they wear complement their body type, and may even use body training tools or fitness routines to help further this goal. On the same note, they may also consider learning more about Waist Trainers Australia (or elsewhere) to know how that can be beneficial on their journey to looking their best.

And yes, we all want to look our best, whether we’re drawing attention to ourselves or trying to fit in. That means choosing the right colors, styles, and cuts to suit our body type. While you’re at it, why not take it a step further and choose the right accessories, too? That said here is how you dress for your body type.

Apple-shaped body

Apple-shaped bodies are easy targets for harsh criticism, but the beautiful thing about these bodies is that there are many ways to dress them that will make you look and feel great! A pear-shaped body has a bigger lower half, while an apple-shaped body has a bigger top half. In other words, people with an apple-shaped body have a larger bust area and smaller hips, thighs, and bottom. There are several tips for dressing a woman with an apple-shaped body, including choosing clothes that make you look taller (this can be done by wearing heels), avoiding big, bulky tops, and opting for fitted, less fitted pleated skirts, so you look slimmer.

Pear-shaped body

If you’re pear-shaped, you might have a bit of anxiety about what to wear. Pear-shaped women are the lucky ones: they can get away with wearing almost anything. Pear-shaped bodies have wide hips, and narrow shoulders and are defined by their bottoms. Since their bottoms are larger than their tops, they can get away with wearing just about anything, including dresses, skirts, slacks, and jeans.

Hourglass body

The hourglass body shape is curvy on the hips and thighs with a small waist but curvy in all other areas. Women who have an hourglass body should wear clothes that draw attention to their waist but avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes or clothing styles that draw too much attention to their hips or thighs. Women with hourglass bodies should avoid wearing clothing that draws attention to their arms and shoulders.

Inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangles have narrow shoulders and a large bust, a small waist, and hips that end about an inch above the knees. They work well in a dress with a high neckline, and they look most flattering when they wear tops with fitted waists. For bottoms, choose pants that are fitted at the waist and hips and loose at the hem.

Rectangle body shape

When people think of clothing for a rectangular body type, they tend to envision clothing that accentuates the torso. This is often true; the torso is the defining feature of the body shape. But there are also plenty of options. There are petite clothing items that can emphasize the waist and hips, while longer tops and dresses can help to create the illusion of longer limbs. And, when wearing clothes, make sure to wear clothing that fits tightly, as this will help create the illusion of curves.

Plus-size bodies

If you have a plus-size body, you do not necessarily have to experience limited clothing choices. Know that if you search properly, be it on the Web or offline, you can find plenty of options like a plus size vintage dress, a modern jumpsuit, and much more. The best part is that fashion designers seem to be aware that plus-size bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, garments of different plus sizes are made so that an individual can completely embrace her curves.

Tall body types

Tall women often have a hard time finding clothes that look great on their bodies. Tall women tend to have longer torsos and shorter legs, which means finding clothes that fit them can be a bit of a challenge. The key is resistance training, which builds muscle and tones your body. This also helps your body naturally fill out your clothes.

Dressing well is as much about how well you present yourself as it is about feeling good. Dressing well is always a conscious effort and seems like the only constant in this world.

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