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Finding Your Style: 5 New Fashion Aesthetics to Try

Sometimes we struggle to find our style. We know what looks good on us, but we’re not sure how to translate that knowledge into an actual wardrobe. The fashion industry’s latest trend is easier to figure out than putting a look together yourself. Think of the new fashion aesthetics, not as some new trend you must adhere to, but as a way of looking at things.

Visit a local clothing store and try on different styles and colors of clothing that you think you might like. Ask the store clerk for advice on what looks most appropriate on you and what pieces would work together to create the perfect look. You can also look through magazines and online stores (like Crystal Boutique NI) for aesthetic fashion purchases.

Here are 5 fashion aesthetics you must try

Grunge Aesthetic

The grunge aesthetic is making a comeback in the fashion industry, and we think it’s one of the most hipster styles to try. Grunge style is all about the tough, DIY look, where folks like to experiment with different styles, combining them with goodr circle sunglasses, leather boots and belts, and a lot more. And apparently, it is the one we’ve seen growing in popularity since the late 90s. This style is all about grungy details: oversized jackets, lots of leather, denim, and plaids. This style also works for all genders, so get ready to make a statement.

Soft Girl Aesthetic

The Soft Girl Aesthetic is a modern take on fashion. A delicate, feminine style defines it. The fall 2019 season will usher in a new wave of soft girl style trends. These trends strike a balance between feminine and edgy. They focus on soft, feminine silhouettes with high-neck shirts, sheer fabrics, and feminine ruffles paired with modern, great, and unexpected fabrics.

This look is well-suited for women with lighter skin and long hair, but if you’re stuck in a style rut, try this look and see how you feel.

Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage fashion is a look that goes back in history, typically back to the 1920s and 1930s. It is a fashion style that features clothing made from old or slightly used materials, such as used clothing, old lace, and upcycled fabrics. Colors are bold and eccentric, and embellishments are in abundance. Since vintage fashion is such an integral part of fashion history, it is not hard to find vintage clothing in thrift stores and vintage shops or to purchase vintage clothing online in online marketplaces.

Baddie Aesthetic

Baddie style is a thing! It originated in the mid-2010s as a clothing aesthetic and has gained a massive following ever since. Baddie style is characterized by extreme, dark, and edgy fashion. It takes inspiration from Goth fashion, punk fashion, grunge fashion, and alternative fashion and creates a look that is uniquely Baddie. Streetwear through sweatpants, cargo trousers, and sneakers are also massively popular in the aesthetic.

Y2K Aesthetic

The Y2K aesthetic was the epitome of the new millennium. While it’s a surprise that we still remember the year 2000, the Y2K aesthetic lives on. What was once futuristic and new has now become iconic and retro. The Y2K aesthetic has gone through many transformations, and it’s interesting to see it evolve. It’s characterized by dark neutral colors like black and grey as well as military-inspired gear. The fashion trend combines the grunge look of the 1990s with the post-apocalyptic feel of Mad Max.

You can dress literally from head to toe in Y2K aesthetic. Wear bright, monochromatic outfits like pink, purple, or white; wear a lot of layering, like jackets, coats, and sweatshirts; and, of course, bright bubbly colors. You can even make custom designs using y2k logo templates and print them onto your clothes. The Y2K aesthetic is all about being either dark and brooding or girly and pink, so there’s a lot of room to explore.

These are the ones that never go out of style, making them staples in your closet. But, just because the trend is classic doesn’t mean you have to dress like it. The Y2K aesthetic is as classic as they come, with bold colors and patterns, bold accessories and jewelry, and an overall fun, youthful vibe.

When it comes to finding your style, it’s important to see what you feel comfortable in. Of course, there are other aesthetics besides the ones mentioned in this article, but these provide the foundation to almost all styles out there. Find a way to express yourself through your fashion now.

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