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How to Dress for A City Break

If you’re thinking of going on a city break, there’s no better time than now. Hit the streets and treat yourself to all of the incredible culture, art, and history that your local city has to offer, all without breaking the bank. But how can you dress for a city break? Think of it this way: you’re visiting a city, and that means you get to dress up to the nines! That means big, bold sunglasses, elegant designer handbags, fancy heels, and shimmery tops. But don’t worry if you’re not that fashionable-you can also make do with a pair of high-waisted jeans, chic heels, and a statement necklace.

Remember that whether you’re planning a city break with friends or are just looking to impress your date, updating your look is a must. It’s safe to say, the more effort you put into your outfit, the better the impression you’ll make. But, with so many outfits to choose from, where do you start?

Here are some clothes that you can definitely give a shot at.

White T-Shirt & Jeans

While white T-shirts and jeans may not be everyone’s favorite outfits, this is one of the best combinations for a summer city break. Moreover, wearing white can give the vibe of summer and can be a great way to show off those tan lines.

Flowy Dress & Sandals

Flowy dresses are a summer staple. Pair them with sandals, and you’re ready to hit the city. You can style a flowy dress for an evening out or keep it casual with sandals and brightly colored accessories. And, don’t forget that these garments can be great for travel too; you can easily dress them down.

Playsuit and sun hat

A playsuit is the perfect option for when you’re running about and don’t want the stress of keeping a flowy dress from flying up in the wind. Paired with a sun hat, you’ll be ready to hit the streets all day. Just remember to bring hat boxes to give you places to store hats, to ensure your hats don’t get crushed in your luggage.

Comfy Trousers & White Trainers

It’s always a good idea to pack some comfortable yet stylish clothes when you’re going on a city break, whether it’s with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or family. Bright-colored t-shirts and trainers, for example, are a no-brainer. But a pair of comfortable trousers could sometimes be tricky to style. Usually, people pair them with stylish jackets, casual tops, and trainers.

Blazer & Brogues

Wearing a blazer and brogues is a classy look that is perfect for a city break. You can twin it with jeans and a t-shirt or a pair of shorts for a summer look. Remember that a blazer and brogues look good in any situation and can work miracles when you want to look smart and chic.

Denim Skirt

The denim skirt is one of the best outfit choices for your trips. It is both relaxing and stylish. Moreover, the right denim skirt could be your best friend during the season of sweat and uneasiness. It’s perfect for when you want to walk, go shopping or attend a concert. Denim skirts are neither too short nor too long, so they are suitable for women of all ages. Pair them with a top, a jacket, or blouses.

Cotton Pleated Skirt

Cotton pleated skirts are preferred by many across the globe for the reason that they are classic, stylish, and quite elegant. The pleats can be of different lengths and widths, which largely decide the look of an individual. Moreover, there can be several ways to style this skirt, be it with a high-neck black top or a formal shirt. In any case, pleated skirts give an individual a feminine appearance, regardless of how they are styled.


The word cardigan comes from French and means a cloak or jacket. While it resembles a coat to some extent due to the long sleeves, its loose silhouette makes it look quite different. It is usually made from pure wool or a blend of fleece, cotton, and synthetic fibers and is perfect for Autumn and Winter travels. That said, cardigans can be worn with jeans, leggings, or trousers.

Coat and Jackets

A trench coat is one of what you can wear during the rainy season. Summer is at the end of its life, which means it is finally time to pull out your waterproof jackets and trench coats. While it’s entirely up to your personal preference, many wardrobe experts agree that this season is all about color. Just imagine yourself in a bright red trench coat with a black umbrella on a rainy day. Wouldn’t that grab everyone’s attention? Keep in mind that many people prefer light-colored jackets and coats during this time. Hence, wearing a bright-colored attire would work to your advantage.

City breaks are fun but at the same time, can also be stressful because finding the perfect outfit can be challenging. Of course, you don’t want to spend most of your trip worrying about your outfit being inappropriate. That is why it could be a good idea to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind before choosing what to wear when you travel to the city.

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