Fashion as a Form of Communication

Fashion as a Form of Communication


Fashion is a part of our culture and an expression of individuality. Often, expression of fashion is in non-verbal communication. For years, fashion critiques associated it with race, political adherence, gender, religion, and social-economic status. But more often than not, each one of us is inclined in our unique fashion sense.


Statement Shirts


Plain shirts are now recreated with styles in the form of graphics and epigrams. Statement shirts are a form of expression on how we feel and want to say to the world. They may be printed in plain shirts, but the message these t-shirts want to convey is clear.


Often, statement shirts were manufactured in bulk orders. Statement shirts are often used during programs, reunions, special occasions like intramurals, the uniform of a sorority, contests, and so many to mention. It has become a stigma of uniformity in groups.


Jane Birkin Jean Styles


In the year of May 1968, denim was forbidden to be worn out. It was for this reason that denim was used to symbolize rebellion. The rebellion was achieved by a couple of students in Jane Birkin jean styles which was globally reflected.


The actress Jane Birkin was famous in her singing and acting career and for her fashion styles. At that time, Jane Birkin shows the world how fashion can be unique and does not follow the norm of society. She invented the Jane Birkin jeans, which were comfortable and yet show the body figure of a woman, which was never allowed during that time.


Nowadays, Jane Birkin’s jeans styles are still worn for the record of fashion and not as political ideology or to promote feminism.


Sports Clothing


There are four famous games in the United States in which each state is competing. These awaited games are NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. Informs of support, sports clothing printed with designs are held by many. The patronage system had evolved from just bringing banners to now printed shirts or caps.


Wearing sports clothing during tournaments not only gives our support for the team but also gives strength to our favored players. Sports have never been fun without sports clothing. They convey our alliance and loyalty to our favored team.


The Color Of Our Clothes


Every one of us has our favorite colors. Often, our favorite colors are associated with our birthstone and their representation. Without being aware, some of us show our emotions through the colors of our clothing.


For example, white reflects purity. That is why wedding dresses are always white as a norm that brides need to show purity during their wedding day. The yellow color represents the sun and conveys a message that the person wearing it is cheerful. Orange shows that a person is creative and energetic. Red shows flames, which may show that the person’s personality is either angry or passionate about something. Pink is the color for feminism. Violet or purple is the color of sophistication. Blue means bright or wants to convey masculism. Green is the color of nature which probably conveys that the wearer is a nature-lover. And lastly, black is the color of death. A person wearing this color may be in grief or loves to wear gothic styles.


Fashion evolved through the years. Before, women were not allowed to wear pants as pants were made for male species. However, through deliberate fashion communication, changes in fashion styles happened. Nevertheless, all of us are conveying messages through our fashion styles – from the combinations of our accessories to our statement shirts, our patronage sports outfits, and even colors of our chosen clothes. Truly, fashion conveys messages without the need for words to say. They explain our ideologies and individuality.

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